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Multiple posting - sorry. =D


Rrr! My leadership is at it again... He is doing another project that requires "detail" shots and Angie got enlisted. I had been told ahead of time that I would pretty well get no option on this project since I fought so hard on the last one. I tried to fight on this one too but he's got a pretty strong will and needless to say, I didn't win. =D I was given a camera and sent out to get as many shots as I could get in one hour's time and we would "discuss it afterward if needed..." HAAA!! Dangit - I am SOO not an artsy photographer! I just don't see that kind of stuff so this was REALLY hard for me! I totally tried to reason my way out with this justification since he full well knows I'm not an artsy photographer but he would not hear of it. Once I realized there was pretty much no option, I just tried my best. I'll probably go back and try this little challenge again now that I'm hooked on it - I LOVE a good challenge and while this is EXTREMELY hard for me, I like it - probably for that very reason... Am I going to become an artsy photographer? NO. It's not in my heart but I do like the challenge... I'll probably try it again this weekend when I'm not under the pressure of one hour and a memory card that doesn't even hold half of what my own camera can hold.


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Taken on July 23, 2012