green egg, no ham

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    when i picked up these eggs at my saturday morning green market run, the farmer said (upon checking the box for broken eggs) "oh, here's a green egg in this one."

    wha?? so upon chatting with him here's what i learned - some hens lay eggs that are blue/green in tint -- if you can see here, it's not that white - and in real life, it definitely had that blue/green look to it. the eggs are perfectly normal, and some people even think have higher nutrients than other eggs. they are, of course, not that common.

    we soft boiled ours and split it and compared it to the brown egg - maybe it was mind over matter, but the green eggyolk tasted slightly more yolky and had a brighter yellow.

    and there you have it, dr. seuss wasn't joking about those green eggs!

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