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Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light Tricolor Bumblebee Prospect Harbor Light "...Hey, what's that roaring noise...?" Steamer Seeker Greater Yellowlegs Takeoff Enticing The Bug "Me 'n My Shadow" Rocky Shore Golden Light on Battery Erasmus Keyes Sand Beach Semipalmated Plover Stormy Day at Portland Head Light Secret Passage Sanderling in Flight Foggy Fleet Spring Point Light (1962) by Stephen Etnier (US 1903-1984) Spring Point Ledge Light Black Rocks and the Sea

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Elizabeth 1148 says:

Stunning composotions !!
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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toma foto says:

Great albums. Good to see places like Maine, from other side of the planet for me.
Posted 39 months ago. ( permalink )

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