Sand Sifter - Turret Mech

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This one was inspired by the rifleman / stone rhino from mechwarrior and maybe a little bit of chromehounds influence in there as well. Looking at a lot of mecha designs lately and this freestyle build was the end result.

Not happy with the mobility, but the look is there and that's enough for this one.

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  1. nate_decastro 21 months ago | reply

    You're rockin' and rollin' now man. Really inventive with the cockpit config.

  2. Slick_Bricks 21 months ago | reply

    yeah chromehounds! (may it RIP)

    this is sweet. I'm working on a long-range mech right now, and this definitely deserves some specialization love!

  3. pasukaru76 21 months ago | reply

    No air force may dare approach.

  4. SuperHardcoreDave 21 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys.
    Kind of feel like I'm going downhill a little with these mechs, may be time to mix it up with a starfighter. Thanks for the comment though.
    Never played the game myself, but it seems to have some more "realistic" designs.
    Pretty much a two AA turrents on legs - you might want to keep your planes away from this one.

  5. Shannon Ocean 21 months ago | reply

    Whoa I nearly missed this one! You got that old school blocky style down pat. So nice mate!

  6. TenorPenny 3 months ago | reply

    The combination of the turret-y-ratchet piece and the technic bar to form the cannons is inspired.

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