3d pan white

M-ASS (Walking in a Warzone)

Versatile in it’s load out options the M-ASS can be just want you want it to be on the battlefield – as long as you have the right attachments. Right now it's sporting a lookout nest (with anti-personal rounds)", prisonor containment pod (ruthlessly strapped in the line of fire), anti mech cannon, orange rockets (the worst kind), and chingun chaingun (love for the komas). Probably will do a couple loadouts for this frame. Probably do a bare shot too.


Wanted a different quad walker then the normal insect looking variety.This one is more of a lumbering beast. Better pictures are on the way - but my camera’s dead, and I’m impatient - so I am just messing with some levels on a bad pic and thought this effect looked interesting.


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Taken on January 4, 1980