• I actually like it without these here. They kinda disrupt the flow a bit to me. - Legohaulic
  • Agreed. - Derek Almen
  • Yeah, I reckon. That one on the cockpit especially. - ~Felix the Cat~
  • Thanks for that feedback guys, is it the color or the fact that they are raised that is disruptive. I really think the color adds something, but perhaps it could be placed better.
  • my half-penny would be that they just look unnecessary. No reason to exist in any color. So by both color and sticking up they stick out. Maybe if they were recessed so that only the stud stuck out? - Scruffy Mynxbane

F - 6 Hawk V2 (1)

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So after getting some feedback I actually went back and changed a couple parts of this fighter (there's a first for everything). Nothing too major just moved a couple things around and put some work into my corners. Does this version look better or do the changes ruin the flow?

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  1. Legohaulic 36 months ago | reply

    I love the overall flow and the lines in this! The front nose is fantastic and the recessed purple stripe behind the canopy is really nice.

  2. nate_decastro 36 months ago | reply

    Yeeeessssss! Now it is perfect.

  3. peterlmorris 36 months ago | reply

    Oh man so much nicer there with the blue vents. That transition is perfect. This is exactly how I saw it in my head.

  4. Cole Blaq 36 months ago | reply

    Yes, much much better.

  5. Aroŋ. 35 months ago | reply

    That's absolutely stunning. Great work, sir.

  6. Umm, Who? 35 months ago | reply

    Nice cockpit design!

  7. aabbee 150 35 months ago | reply

    wow! this is awesome! the cockpit color fits in so well with the design and colors :)

  8. The Slushey One 35 months ago | reply

    wonderful shapes here

  9. SuperHardcoreDave 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks, I do appreciate the feedback.
    Thanks Nate.
    Yes, I think this is closer to my original vision for this too, just took to many short-cuts on the first version.
    Thanks again for the suggestions.
    Thanks guys.
    That windscreen has been sitting on my desk for the whole mocathalon - just couldn't wait to get it on a starfighter.
    Thanks - those slopes do make for a neat shaping alternative.

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