Tri-connectors and 5's (3)

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    After looking at some wierd shapes made from technic on Captain Redstorm's photostream, I thought about using the new tri-connectors to form a continuing shape with the different degrees of angles available. The 5's form a much tighter coil then the 4,s and I was actually able to complete the shape with a couple pieces to spare.

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    1. Proudlove 47 months ago | reply

      This puts some stress on the elements though right?

    2. SuperHardcoreDave 47 months ago | reply

      I would say no, it goes together quite naturally - except for the last connection, you have to stretch it a little bit to get the tri-axle to slide in the angled connector, but once it is in there is no stressing.

    3. bikicsmilan 47 months ago | reply

      Great! It seems Redstorm's 3d poliangles started a new mayhem among us geometrically twisted builders ;-)

    4. SuperHardcoreDave 47 months ago | reply

      Iv'e tried stuff like this before (not posted) just never with the tri-axle connectors. Redstorm has got me thinking about this type of thing again.- I wish I had enough pieces to finish the shape made with 4's. I would love to see that idea finished.

    5. bikicsmilan 47 months ago | reply

      And with the 3s!

    6. pasukaru76 47 months ago | reply

      Must keep this in mind.

    7. SuperHardcoreDave 47 months ago | reply

      With 3's it would be the largest most sphere shaped of the angles,it would make a rollable ball.

    8. SuperHardcoreDave 47 months ago | reply

      Once I get a chance I will probably bricklink the pieces to finish this idea with the other angles, I think of it as more a abstract piece then a practical building technique but I suppose it could be incorparated into a larger build.

    9. bikicsmilan 47 months ago | reply

      I guess so, it'll be awesome! Also, if you remember those pieces that I put into Redstorm's MOC (with the half pins) with them it'd be possible to make a sphere which is almost perfect.

    10. SuperHardcoreDave 47 months ago | reply

      Yes you could get an almost perfect overall sphere shape if you replaced the prefab angles with your joining method. Although I only have those half-connectors with mini-interlocking gears(those other ones look to be smooth). I guess that might make it more stable. I wonder if I have enough to do it---have to check.

    11. ƒernald 47 months ago | reply

      Smart idea.

    12. Derek Almen 47 months ago | reply

      Haha, awesome work, Dave. :)

    13. PUGATRON [deleted] 47 months ago | reply


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