Expert Group Meeting for Least Developed Countries (9 April 2014)
Expert Group Meeting for Least Developed Countries: Way forward on the WTO Ministerial Decision on preferential rules of origin

The objective was to discuss and brainstorm on the following topics:

- How to provide an overview of the status of preferential rules of origin and the value of the Ministerial decision on the preferential rules of origin: can we move on?

- How to provide a detailed information on the challenges in drafting preferential rules of origin, a possible UNCTAD methodology and the certification requirements related to origin?

The various options and modalities to bring forward the focus on the other issues that may be relevant in dynamic LDC agenda like trade facilitation and what are the overall prospects of an LDC package in Bali and beyond.

The final outcome of the meeting will assist UNCTAD and LDCs to identify future areas of activities and studies to be undertaken.
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