Kathy Sierra SXSW keynote

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    Gratuitous puppy slide. It does things to your brain chemistry.

    Live-blog of Kathy Sierra's Keynote address to SXSW at blog.brian-fitzgerald.net/?p=159

    1. riddle 86 months ago | reply

      She alluded to a purpose behind these photos, that would somehow reset part of our brains. Wish she'd gone into that.

    2. Brianfit 86 months ago | reply

      Hey riddle, she outlines it this way in her other presentations: your brain puts more energy into forgetting than it does to remembering.

      We have astoundingly active "crap filters" that focus our attention by keeping everything else out. So to GET someone's attention, you need to get past the crap filter. Our brains are just hard wired to pay attention to certain images: sexy ones, images of babies (of any species), oddly incomplete images that we can't resolve, human faces. She has a whole list.

      The Puppy was flashed whenever she got into heavy territory and wanted to jolt us back to attention.

      She gave me extra points on my blog write up for remembering this from last year :-) How chuffed am I?

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