3d pan white

European hoverfly in profile

This hoverfly dive-bombed me and flew in my back door. At first I thought it was a large wasp, but after trapping it I realised that he was a hoverfly. After a few escapes behind my curtains he eventally sat still long enough for me to take this shot. Before I took the shot I placed a softbox above and behind him, and one to the left, and placed some black card to block flare. I then removed the glass jar and took the shot.


Canon 30D, MP-E65mm lens

ST-E2 remote flash trigger

Two 430EX flash with Lumiquest softboxes

1.4x teleconverter

LED torch for focusing

Home-made lens hood

f/16, 1/250 sec, ISO 200

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Taken on October 1, 2007