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    Hi, I'm Frankie and I'm new to this diary. I know some of you were waiting to read my diary when Cleo introduced her diary last year but last time, There wasn't enough character in me. But now, I hope you are excited to see me. Well...uh..I hope you kinda don't take my diary seriously since this is my personal feelings...and....well to be blunt, I hope you don't mind me asking, do you really hate it when someone else is reading your own diary? Well that's how I'm feeling. Annnnywho, My hand decided to "do a mind of it's own" when I was taking my pic. :P

    Dear Diary,
    Going to a new place is very voltage! Well except when you're a newbie, sure it can get very nervous-wrecking. But for me, It's kinda exciting yet scary too cuz being a new girl in a normal society with some monsters in the society is pretty weird! And that happens when you become stressed over it all the time! And that happened to me, of course. My parents, well my dad had to move since his business was running low and he had to set a new location and he chose Rosewood, which then my mom also agreed on. I just sat there looking very dumbfounded since I was all "Rosewood?" Well weeks later, We packed our things and me? Well I was god-damn nervous of course! I was all shaking that it felt like my stitches were beginning to fall apart. My parents kept saying that it will be alright and that I will fit in very soon. Except I don't think so about it cuz this is like my first time and well, you already know. Well in the car, I was looking out the window being very curious of what Rosewood would be about. When we arrived to our new home, I was 100% shaking inside but it went away slowly as we toured our new home. It was all good til my parents told me that I was going to be going to my new school. Double Yikes There! I think my bolts were shocked as well consider on how they were zapping here and there. Anyway, Next day at school was, kinda alright. Met some ghouls and normies, yeah yeah. But then here's where I met some new girls named Draculaura, Jade, Roxxi, and Phoebe. All 4 were very nice enough to give me a grand tour, along with them introducing me to their friends Joelle, Carrie, Deuce, Kumi, Clawd, and Sasha. It was fun and games and Carrie seemed very sweet when she introduced herself to me. Later when we departed, Carrie asked if I wanted to hang out after school. I wished I could say yes but couldn't since I had plans to do after school. She seemed pretty fine about it and left. To make this rather short, When I arrived home from my first day of KH, my parents informed me that Jackson Jekyll and his family will be living with us since his dad knows my dad and all. For me, It sounded like a boy will be living with us. A BOY! CAN U BELIEVE THAT?! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!!!

    Dear Diary,
    Got up, Got ready, Got to the bus stop, Got to school. Yeah same thing. I was just heading to my locker when this girl had her pet cat with her. I knew most schools can't hold pets since they were a major distraction to everyone so I walked up to her and said that pets weren't allowed in school. She seemed really upset that she couldn't bring her pet and decided to backtalk me saying that her cat goes with her everywhere and it soon became a huge commotion. She didn't seem to listen at all with pets being a huge commotion until these people I knew came up and explained about what was going on. It seemed that the girl finally knew of what the rules mean and handed her cat to Joelle and Joelle said that she will keep a close eye on him. *sigh* Finally got that out of the system. Well school dragged on and on until finally it was over! As I was walking home from school, I saw this Mover's truck parked in my driveway and when I got closer to it, I realized new people were taking over our house! I was all "What? But I just moved here! Did my dad's business not go well here?" And so I immediately ran inside only to bump into my dad. I was blabbering of why there were people taking our house away from us until he explained that Jackson and family was moving in and I was all ".....What?" Why didn't I know this? Idk. Well the new family drove up to our driveway and when they all came out, Out came a very cute guy! OMG I was blushing and felt my bolts beginning to zig and zap. We introduced ourselves and my dad and Jackson's dad suggest I show Jackson to his new room. Uhhh okay. Well I showed him to his new room and he seemed pretty alright with it until I left and crashed on my bed. EEEEP He was scary cute! With his black and yellow streak hair, piercing on his eyebrow, hot blue eyes. OOOOHHH MY GHHHOOOUL He was H.O.T.! Well around dinnertime, We were sitting together side by side and I kept sneaking glances at him and it seemed he was looking at me, only weird like "Uhh, Yeah,, You're Creepy." Ahahahaha, Well later on, He came into my room and we began talking. He seemed pretty cool as he was telling his stories as to how he was back in his old town. It was very neat too! I actually told him that Rosewood would be very electrifying since we will fit in with most people. He seemed pretty okay with it. We continued to talk until it was past curfew and we said our good nights. As I was getting into bed.....aha, I just squealed myself to sleep X"D Yeah, Life will be totally perfect ^_^

    Dear Diary,
    EEEEP! Jackson is going to the same school as me so this will be awesome as I will be getting close to him! Ehehehehehehehehe. Well it was his first time so it was pretty nice since he was curious of how KH was all. He got his new schedule and it was Music Class. Ermm, I wish I was in the same class as him but oh wells. Well as I was scampering off to my new class. I ran into Cloe, the most hyperific person I ever know. How did I met her? Well I met her when I was with the others and she ran up and when she saw me, Well she was all interested in me and began asking me questions of why I had stitches all over and why I had mint blue skin, Yeah she's a person who can never be quiet :P Well anyways, she told me that KH was having a new student arriving from the Himalayas. She didn't give me enough information on who this person was cuz all I heard was "She's from the Himalayas" and "She has special powers! Like from an anime!" but I did hear her say that her name was "Bominable" and that her name sounded like it started with an "A". uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, I guess I can stop there. Since it's mostly the same as my other parts of the diary. Hmm wonder who this person is, Ally Bominable? Amber Bominable? Ana Bominable? Ugh never mind! I'll think about it later.

    Dear Diary,
    Jackson decided to take me out! OMFG! AWESOME!!!! I got myself ready and prepped up and when I walked up to him, He was wearing some casual clothes while me, Well I was wearing a gown with my hair all done up. He was kinda snickering when he said that we were going to hang out, not go to a ball. For me, I was blushing like mad! So I told him to wait and I had to lunge myself all the way to my room and get myself changed immediately. As soon I was done, I ran right down stairs and tripped on the rug. As I fell, My right hand stitching came undone and my hand had a mind of it's own and began running away from me. Me and Jackson tried to catch it but it was no use until my mom caught right before it left our sight. Just then, My mom yelled my dad's name and he came running. She began yelling and smacking him, saying that he need to get his sewing skills together cuz my hand could end up anywhere since it likes to run here and there. Well after that commotion was fixed, Me and Jackson went on our date..or hang out. We arrived at our first destination which was a restaurant. I was very curious of what the colored pictures were on the menu. I didn't know what most of them were but I soon heard Jackson say "Spaghetti" So I decided to get Spaghetti also. When it arrived, I was all. "Oooh, Worms with chunky blood smeared all over them" Haha, It was first time so when I saw Jackson digging in, I decided to chow down into it. At first, It was alright but then it was so good that I began eating it all one by one. Slurping up the sauce and swallowing up the noodles. It was very tasty cuz after I was finished, I let out a very tiny bump. It seemed that Jackson heard and began giggling. I was giggling yet blushing at the same time but it soon died down when the waiter came and see if we wanted dessert. We were looking at our menus and I was indeed curious of what all these desserts were. Jackson ordered the fruit tart while I ordered the apple pie. When it arrived, the pie was very amazing that I actually squealed. lol, Jackson noticed that I really liked it and offered to exchange the dessert. I really wanted to try the tart so we shared and for one, I wished I wasn't dreaming cuz the tart was absolutely scarylicious! After we ate and paid, We walked around enjoying the sight-seeing areas that were crowded with people. I was worried cuz my excitement can lead to trouble and when that happens, my stitches can come undone and when they scatter, that's when I get in huge trouble. But Jackson told me that I didn't have to stress over it and to let loose and have fun. And he was right, It was fun. We walked around until it was like maybe 11:00 p.m. where most of the people were leaving and the crowd was slowly decreasing. When we left, I told him that today was very fun and he said that it sure was. We then faced each other and thats when things became quiet. He slowly pulled me into a kiss. I think it was. He gave me a peck on the cheek! EEEP! It was so cute cuz when he pulled away, he was blushing. Well I was blushing too and so later after that, We walked home quietly. When we arrived home, We both rushed to our rooms and I practically squealed! I called up Carrie about it and she was very happy about me getting a new crush on a guy and gave me special tips on how to make a guy like you. Jackson will be mine! I just know it! Fate is telling me that we will be together forever \(>▽<)/

    Dear Diary,
    Met Ghoulia at school today. She told me that Cleo has been making her all tired lately with her royal status. She didn't know what to do about it since she was scared that Cleo would be furious with her about how she bailed on her for not being by her side. Then, Lagoona came up to know what was the problem since she was walking down the hall with Ghoulia not being so happy. Ghoulia told Lagoona about her stressful week with Cleo and let's say, I never seen Lagoona this angry before. She told Ghoulia to not worry about it and that she will deal with Cleo about it. And once she turned to see Cleo, Me and Ghoulia had to run to catch up to her. But before we got to Lagoona, We were too late. She got into an argument with Cleo saying that Ghoulia was also a living thing too not some animated object. Cleo just stood there trying to fight back but obviously failed. Just then, Lagoona took the wrong turn and slapped Cleo across the face! I never seen her act this courageous for Ghoulia. For Cleo, it wasn't the same after what happen. Lagoona then made a vow if she sees Ghoulia look all miserable, then she will be dealing the lives of Cleo. Of course, Cleo promised to treat Ghoulia not a servant but like a human being would be treated. When it was all over, Lagoona came up to me and Ghoulia and said that she will be dealing with the problems if her closest friends were in trouble so we both didn't have to worry. People were really scared of Lagoona when she left and they made room for her to walk. Me and Ghoulia were very dumbfounded about what just happened. I or anyone else will never see Lagoona as a very nice freshwater ghoul ever again. Hmm, Guess she can be a protective friend to anyone. :D!

    Dear Diary,
    What to do on this boring day. Decided to call Carrie up but she was busy, Ghoulia didn't pick up her phone since it kept going to voice mail, and Lagoona was out with some other friends taking a swim. Ughhhh, Bored out of my mind! Just then, my doorbell ring and stood right there was Jade, Deuce, Roxxi, Clawd, Draculaura, Sasha, and Joelle. Kumi and Phoebe weren't with them which was pretty strange but anyways, Jackson came down and saw my friends and he introduced himself to everyone. Seemed like Deuce really disliked him since he just glared at him for no reason. The rest were very nice enough to introduce themselves to him. We sat down in the guest room and I was surprise when Draculaura wanted to know if I wanted to head out for some fun. I was kinda happy I wanted to go out since I had nothing to do at home. So we got up and decided to go out to the Maul. We walked places to places and me, Draculaura, Jade, Roxxi, and Sasha walked to places where they sell the cutest clothes! We ran inside and tried many different clothes on. Oh My Ghoul! It was fantastic. The rest; Deuce, Jackson, Clawd, and Joelle weren't interested in the fun we were having. But for some reason, When we were in Scary Macys, I noticed that Jade was looking where the guys and girl were sitting and she seemed to be staring at Jackson, I didn't know cuz Draculaura and Sasha were pushing me to try on the clothes. Once we were done, We grabbed something to eat at the food corpse and lol, Sasha was trying to pull all of the bags we bought purchased the clothes in to our table. While me, Deuce, and Joelle were ordering the food, I took a quick glance at our table. Roxxi and Clawd were flirting together, Sasha and Draculaura were talking rapidly at the clothes they found, and Jade...well, she was talking to Jackson. They looked like they were having a nice conversation. I admit I was a little jealous but I just knew that it will be gone before I know it. After we gotten ate at the food corpse, we all knew it was time to go home. So we dropped Roxxi to her home first, then Clawd and Sasha, then Joelle, then Jade, and then Me and Jackson. Once we got inside, both our parents scolded us for not telling them that we were out with our friends but they warned us to never do it again. Jackson's mom almost had to call the police to know where we were. LOL, So funny! Yeah, I can conclude that it was a very scary awesome day. For me :P

    Dear Diary,
    School is back and it seems that me and Jackson and I got used to what Konoha High was like. I met Phoebe, Carrie, and Kumi and was worried of why they weren't with me and the others. They said that they had a project due and that it was going to be epic once it was shown in their class. I was all "alright, okay then." and left when they went to their class. Ran into Cleo and she was all, 'Oh, You were with Ghoulia, right?" All I did was say a simple yes and she then said that she wanted to see me. Gulp! We walked around the campus and began slowly talking. She began rephrasing my name to Stitchy due to my stitches and I told her that I didn't like it but she didn't care one simple bit. Things turned suddenly when she wanted me to be her new friend and in her words, Friends mean Servants and I knew if I said no, I would regret it and plus, Cleo would be very furious. Thankfully Lagoona came up and wanted to know what was going on. I quietly gave her the "Help Me!" look and Lagoona knew the key. She just pushed Cleo aside and pulled me away from the scary contraption. I told her that she wanted me to be her friend. Lagoona then told me that if I was her friend then bad things would happen and she would make my life miserable. She also said that Ghoulia stopped hanging out with her since she was getting out of control on controlling Ghoulia around. I was all shocked of how she did all this and began tearing up. Lagoona then told me that things are fine now with Ghoulia and I was almost her victim and then pulled me into a hug. When we met Ghoulia, I pulled her into a hug and cried on her shoulder saying that it must have been terrible for Cleo to control her around and Ghoulia was on the same page with me, crying her eyes out too. Lagoona then came up and said that we were both safe and that we didn't have to worry about Cleo anymore, she will watch over us but she also warned both of us that we needed to be strong when she isn't around which we vowed together. *sigh* scary moment to write/typed down here. *shudders* At least I got great friends to meet and hang, rather than the other ones.....

    Dear Diary,
    Fate isn't bringing me and Jackson together......Saw him with Jade and they kissed....I saw everything...They were laughing and smiling together and then walked off, holding hands......mmm...I see it now...I was too late to get him to be mine....How can I be so stupid and slow....I was so close too....after he pecked me on the cheek that special will never be the same....He only sees me as a friend....*sigh*...Well I wonder if I can try and take him away from Jade's arms.....but I just have to know when....or else...he will be in love with another girl.....

    Well, since you were so eager to read the portion of my diary, Why not read the portion of my bio.

    Name - Frankie Stein
    Age - 17 days old
    Likes - being excited for fun events
    Dislikes - Not getting what she wants
    Fave Food - Anything that is tasty to her
    Least Fave Food - Anything that is disgusting to her
    Nationality - Frankenstein's Monster XP

    Secret - Her stitches often comes loose at the worst times.

    Who next to read? Holt Hyde or Jackson Jekyll?

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