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"out of range" ~ {Explore}

Inspired title comes from this mornings mission to capture the sunrise over the back of St Mary's Island by the 1914 Rangefinder.


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Made Explore #7 2012 29th October 2012.


So as I'm on a weeks holiday I figured it would be easy pickings for me to grab the best spots as all the other togs would be heading to work this morning!


Once I'd checked the forecast last night and the tides I thought my best option would be at the rangefinder, seeing that low tide was at 9.30am with a 1 metre tide too. Sunrise was around 7am ish, so I best leave the house about 6ish! Now then at 6.30am I was struggling to get out of bed! But a quick dash and I merely skipped over the rocks to the back of the lighthouse - okay not so much skipping as slipping and sliding!


Once in position I soon realised that the massive bank of clouds to the right weren't going to help me, and I should have been in position about 30 minutes before this image!


But I tried and managed to bag this image on my second attempt, I was quite pleased with the results, I had hoped for more colour but it was a fairly flat sunrise due to the heavy clouds. Plus the outgoing tide made it difficult to keep the water swirling around the rangefinder!


However, I'm delighted to have gone out as I did see my first seal pup on the rocks! I've often read about folk spotting pups but I've only seen one seal nearby before in all my 43 years! So to spot one today was great, he/she was a bit of a distance from me and had sneaked up after I'd passed by.


If the sunrises keep going like this, I'm thinking of taking up seal spotting for a hobby!


Anyhow quick bit of history about the rangefinder - it was built c.1914 and used by the military during WW1 to "calculate their range!" and also it stopped them shooting left of here and blowing up the lighthouse! Incidentally, their is another one South of the Tyne at Souter - which Mick, Phil & Bryan dragged me too many moons ago and that walk nearly killed me off! The southern rangefinder is only accessible at low tide and is a very long trek! The Northern rangefinder is a much, much easier walk around the back of St Mary's Lighthouse!




Camera Nikon D80

Lens Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM

Exposure 20


Focal Length14 mm

ISO Speed100


Lee 0.9 Hard Grad

Kood ND4 Filter

Slik Pro 400XD Tripod

Cable Shutter Release


RAW File Processed in Adobe Lightroom 4

Border & Logo added in Photoshop Elements 9




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Taken on October 29, 2012