Midge cat and computer

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    Midge, our new young kitten cat is a very playful creature. Here he is sitting on my laptop keyboard, as if to say ' stop working and come play with me'

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    1. Kristen W. 110 months ago | reply

      I just saw these pics of Midge on the Cute Kittens pool. They're ADORABLE! Reminds me of how my cat used to sit on my school books, I think trying to say the same thing. Thanks for posting them!

    2. Joyce-Rhiannon 94 months ago | reply

      Yes a very cute cat!

      I used this pic of Midge for a a edited lolcat pic to send to a friend. (www.flickr.com/photos/joystudios/3019815380/)


      my first lolcat - in ur blog

    3. stevegarfield 93 months ago | reply


      Used it here:

      Reporter the Cat, what a wonderful wonderful cat!


    4. SandwichINK 90 months ago | reply

      Love those eyes! Thanks for sharing your picture. I just used it with a computer article I printed on eHow with a link to you as requested. :) www.ehow.com/how_4824130_prepare-reformat-computer.html

    5. dmpach 90 months ago | reply

      Using this for a blog post! Will post the link when it gets published.

    6. ryanocerosk 86 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called NPR's All Tech Considered, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. dougwoods 85 months ago | reply

      You can now compare Midge in this picture with one of him today. No longer a kitten, he's bigger than the laptop.

    8. yourcatisacriminal.com 85 months ago | reply

      Hi! She's adorable. I captioned her on www.yourcatisacriminal.com. You can see it here

    9. strredwolf 82 months ago | reply

      Just saw this off of The Consumerist (consumerist.com) for a bumper graphic for a story on Net Neutrality. You got credited.

    10. arjunkamloops 80 months ago | reply

      Great photo! Used it in my neighbourhood newsletter, with a link back to the flickr page. Would you like me to email you a pdf of the issue?

    11. my.fav.photos 80 months ago | reply

      Cute kitten. Love it that he's in front of the computer screen. If this was taken in 2007 he must be a huge cat by now. Thanks for sharing. I used it here on my Twitter page for one of my favorite quotes: twitpic.com/wh4b7 Once again, thank you.

    12. krystleblair 79 months ago | reply

      Hey there, thanks for licensing this photo with Creative Commons. wikiHow thought it was so awesome that we decided to use this photo as part of a category image in our redesign. Here it is in action:


    13. JoannaHarkin 77 months ago | reply

      That's a great pic. I'm preparing a powerpoint presentation for people who have to find homes for animals. Might I have permissino to use it? Joanna Harkin, Wash DC email: jharkinhome@gmai..com

    14. jennywaggo 46 months ago | reply

      I love it!

      I used your photo in a FB Cover Photo and Profile Photo to help get out the vote (nonpartisan). I volunteer with a nonprofit called the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund: www.cavotes.org


    15. yitin_best 36 months ago | reply

      So adorable! Thank you for sharing.
      I used this pic with a technology article with a link to you as requested. :) technews.tw/2013/08/02/pet-threat-animals-cause-3-billion...

    16. jalopygirl 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the photo! We're using it today in our homepage slider: community.spiceworks.com/

    17. LSPollack 33 months ago | reply

      Brilliant photo! Also added lolcat and tweeted it, with the source given: twitter.com/LSPollack/status/400688183857270784 Thank you very much for sharing the photo and for allowing the use of it. Much, much appreciated on all fronts.

    18. dafmeme 18 months ago | reply

      Hello Douglas Woods, great pic! I used it for an example as an Internet-Meme. I hope it's okay under your CC license? dafmeme.wordpress.com/tag/beispiel1/
      I'd like to share the Memes on Flickr and other social media Tools. Thank You& all the best, Julia

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