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再次同一藍天下 Two of the same sky | by Gillian 0_0
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再次同一藍天下 Two of the same sky

G: The clouds! Look at them! It's like the world has flipped upside down... The clouds look like the fluffy ripples in the ocean left behind by somebody's motor boat passing by... =D


In response: ... That's lame... -_-'


Sometimes we look up at the same sky, but we don't see the same thing.

But that doesn't stop me from looking up!

We should all try to look up more.

Just because the sky is always There, doesn't mean it's always the Same.


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My last post reminded me of these two shots that I took last summer. It seems like such a long time ago... but yet, all I need to do is look up and there it is again.


These were some test shots that I took to see what a difference in ISO setting would look like. The top was taken @ISO 100 and the bottom @ISO400. Those are the only 2 settings on the Yashica MF2.


I suck so bad with Photoshop, even putting this together was hard... >_<' All of your eyes are popping out like O_O now probably... I'm pretty noob with Photoshop, that's why I hardly ever bother with it. But I wanted you guys to see these side by side!

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Taken in July 2011