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Blue Night.

It was a neat experience to find out how much the light we still have after the sun goes down....


My partner for Get Pushed!! R18 was whose photostream is full of beautiful and stunning images about the nature and the place we live in. It is so obvious that he contributes his talents and thoughts very closely when he takes pictures. What he sees and feels from the subject are very effectively expressed and interpreted. Please be sure to visit his stream and let his images speak to you!!


And I was very privileged to have him as my partner who also put lots of thoughts before he game me the below.


"Your photostream shows great openness to the world around you. You don't seem to be looking for one thing over and over again. I love the way you compose your architectural shots.


You have taken a number of beautiful shots of sunsets, in which the sky is perfectly exposed for deep, rich color, and the landscape is silhouetted against the sky. I would like to push you to take a shot after all the oranges and pinks have left the sky, any kind of night shot."


I was able to take some pictures of the same scene starting from the sunset, then to the moment after the sun went down. I also added a texture which I have learned how to do recently to see how it would look like.


I hope this appears to be a good response, but even if it would not, I really enjoyed the process of putting a lot of thinking and implementation to the challenge that Matt game me and showed me something new and so beautiful.


I would like to thank Matt for your kind words of encouragement (and I hope to stay connected), Shreya and Sudha for your constant encouragement, and Daniel for going with me to take this photo and sharing the fun of photography.


Have a blessed Sunday everyone and see you at R19!!!


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Taken on February 25, 2012