Frances McLaughlin-Gill - Photographer
Born in 1919, Frances McLaughlin-Gill became a fashion photographer and producer of television commercials. She studied at the Pratt Institure during the Depression and she was a staff photographer for Conde Nast publications 1944-1955 and went on to produce television commercials between 1964-1973. Frances built a successful career beginning in the 1940s at Vogue and she was the first woman under contract to Vogue

She posed some models but some of her work has a real quality of somebody caught in a beautiful moment. She was able to capture a sensuality of her subjects which was very different at the time, as other fashion photographers models were very posed.

One of Frances’ enduring abilities was to develop empathy for models in their work and foster real friendships. In a male dominated industry, this set Frances apart from the male fashion photographers who, regardless of talent could often treat women in their work as another object in a still-life, a vehicle for the photographers vision. Frances made the models to be real people.
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