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Bootleg SquadTember Part 5 | by th_squirrel
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Bootleg SquadTember Part 5

Bootleg SquadTember continues!


The goal is knockoff/bootleg Suicide Squad members based on different character archetypes from the history of the Squad. The characters for each day are laid out in this post on Allo's Instagram.


Like SpiderBatVember last year, I'll post in groups of five here, and one a day on Instagram.


Left to right:

The Foxy Fatale: Kraven (Based on Vixen) - Karen Kabe really lives up to her name - she used to just be a regular Karen, but complaining enough on her trip to Africa actually got her a superpowered necklace that imbues her with the spirit of animal she chooses. She usually chooses a cheetah since "that's [her] spirit animal."


The Larcenous Lovers: Punch and Jeremy (Based on Punch and Jewelee) - After deciding a regular abusive relationship was too boring, this couple tried adding a few more crimes to spice things up - and they loved it.


The Cyber-Genius: The Human Computer (Based on The Thinker) - This absolute madman thought so hard he made himself into a computer - now he's even smarter than a human and computer combined.


The Reptile-Man: Killer Kobra (Based on Killer Croc) - Desmond James is part man, part snake. Instead of trying to pretend like he's a good person, he just bites people. Like a snake.


The Columbina: Jestina (Based on Harley Quinn) - Another villain influenced by the theater, she was the doctor then lover of the great villain the Jester, but after a bad breakup, she's off on her own, ready to run headfirst into danger with the Squad.

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Taken on August 31, 2020