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Music Waste 2010 | by steve louie
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Music Waste 2010

Music Waste lineup announced!!!


Music Waste 2010 - Tumblr


band photos by Sarah and Kate






Monday, May 31st


Honey - Ice Cream Social


With DJs Trevor Risk, Cam Dales, & Tyler Fedchuck.

Wednesday, June 2nd

Anza Club - Psychic Waste


V. Vecker Ensemble - 12:00am


Black Wizard - 11:00pm


Fortress - 10:30pm


White Umbrella - 9:30pm

Honey - Fake Jazz/Waste


Nurse - 11:00pm


Flash Palace - 10:30pm


Double-doux - 10:00pm


Natural - 11:30pm


Nihilist Party - 12:00pm


Kalki - 12:15pm


Angel Lust - 12:40 pm

Lick - Fake Jazz/Waste


Nam Shub - 11:45 pm


Gross Lords - 12:30 pm


Eugene Chadbourne - 10-11:30 pm

Thursday, June 3rd



Jody Glenham - 11:30 pm


The Abramson Singers - 10:30 pm


Moonshiner - 9:30 pm


The Magician & The Gates Of Love - 8:30 pm



Vapid - 12:00 am


Juvenile Hall - 11:30 pm


Phonecalls - 11:00 pm


Crystal Swells - 10:30 pm


Keep Tidy- 10:00 pm

The Cobalt


Dbl Dragon - 12:30


Balacade - 11:45


Stephana Fratilla - 11:00


My Friend Wallis - 10:15



Baptists - midnight


Boogie Monster - 11:15 pm


Ahna - 10:30 pm


Joyce Collingwood - 9:45 pm


Hidden Towers - 9:15 pm

Zoo Zhop


Canaries - 9:00 pm


Half Chinese - 8:00 pm


Collapsing Opposites - 7:00 pm


Bleating Hearts - 6:00 pm



Sketch and Improv - Hosted by Cam MacLeod


Sister Act


Bronx Cheer




Kevin Lee and Emmett Hall


Hip Bang


Colin Cowan


Pump Trollley


Canadian Content


Featuring a performance by No Gold

Shudder Gallery


Show Title: “New Work by Dan Siney”

R&R Studio


Show Title: “Wasps Nests”


Caitlin Livingston, Stephanie Trudell, Amie G., Ben Jacques, Justin Patterson

Chinacloud (5pm opening)


Show title : Cloud Creatures


Artists: Chris Leitch, Mike Leitch, Nick Fabin, Bradley Messer, Carla Gilday, Katie Weldon, Brent Hodge, Kyle Peppler and Cleo Lewis.


Backroom of Shine - Wild Zero


With DJs Cam Dales and Tyler Fedchuck

Friday, June 4th



Apollo Ghosts - 12:00am


Plus Perfect - 11:00pm


Shane Turner Overdrive - 10:00pm


Brazillian Money - 9:30pm



B-Lines - 12:00am


The Shilohs - 11:30pm


Slam Dunk - 10:30pm

The Cobalt


Petroleum By-Product - 1:00am


Cosmetics - 12:00am


Fine Mist - 11:00


Soft Focus - 10:00pm

Astoria - Wasted Goods


MT 40 1:00am


Myths - 12:00am


Animal Bodies - 11:00pm


Muscles - 10:00pm with the


Damaged Goods DJs



Makeout Videotape 2:00am


Needles//Pins - 1:00am


Koban - 12:00am


With the Winnie Cooper DJs

GYOW - Little Mountain Studios (8PM) - Err On: The Side Of Caution


Ehren Salazar


Eryn Holbrook


Erin Graves


Aaron Read

GYOW - The Toast Collective (7-10PM)


Mt. Career





Von Bingen




Konx Ohm Pax






Robert Pederson


Filip Gorecki



Comedy Waste Video Contest - Hosted by Ryan Biel


Judges: Bob Kronbauer, Paul Anthony, Taz Van rassel

156 West Hastings


Artists: Good Idea group show



Show Title: “What Does Info Want”


Artists: Kate Henderson,


Elee Kraljii Gardiner,


Jessica Alice Gnyp,


Rebecca LaMarre,


Rebecca-Ellen Farrell,


John Mavin + Derek Walter


Denver Lynxleg


Curated by Emiliano Sepulveda + Ray Hsu


Featuring a performance by Falcao & Monashee

Saturday, June 5th

GYOW - Biltmore - Glory Days


Tough Guys and Girls Cry - 12am


DJs My!Gay!Husband! & Sincerely Hana

Funky Winkerbeans


Kellarissa - 1am


Fanshaw - 12am


Sleep Holiday -11pm


Shipyards - late

The Cobalt


No More Strangers & Music Waste present…


World Club - 1am


Gang Violence - 12am


Walter TV -11pm Cowards -10pm


Milky Way - 9pm


With the DJs



Lord Beginner - 1am


Sun Wizard - 12am


Witch Water -11pm


Friendship and the Fawn - 10pm

Zoo Zhop


Timecopz - 9pm


Din Din Dak - 8pm


Boy Voyage - 7pm



Vincent Parker - 11pm


Caving - Midnight


Basketball - 1am

Goodie Parking Lot (Alley behind Hawks & Hastings) - BBQ Your Own Waste - 4:30 - 7:30pm


Listening Party


Oh No! Yoko




With the DJs


Gene Cafe


Magneticring - 4pm


GAK - 3:15pm

Red Cat Records


Hermetic - 4pm


Peace - 3pm


Tight Solid - 2pm

Neptoon Records


Student Teacher - 2:45pm


Ex-Friends - 2:15pm


Cat Attack - 1:45pm


Los Tycoons - 1pm



Stand-up - Hosted by Craig Anderson


Charlie Demers


Graham Clark


Dave Shumka


Sean Devlin


Alicia Tobin


Jimmy Barnes


Featuring solo performances by members of Analog Bell Service



Show Title: “Blow Up”


Artists: Melanie Coles, Kate Henderson, Lyndsay Pomerantz, Mairin Cooley, Rob Ondzik, Zain Burgess, Emiliano Sepulveda, Aja Rose, Josh Rose. Curated by Melanie Coles and Kate Henderson


Featuring performances by Spring Break and Prophecy Sun

Little Mountain Studios


Show title: “RETURN TO THE 36 CHAMBERS: Returns”


Bobby Mathieson, Dan Snelgrove, Sol Sallee, Erin Marranca, Andy Dixon, Robert Mearns, Adam Dodd, Keith Wecker, Meghan Ancheta, Ben Jacques, Bita Joudaki, Steve Gilmet, Abigail Fernandes, David Detenbeck, Paul Simons, Sally H, Justin Alm, Morgan Mameni, Steve Nevets, Merida Anderson, Lindsey Hampton, Candice Mackenzie Storer ( Hailfax), Justin Dale Patterson, Ian William Prentice, Rachel D White, Alex Cieslik, Erik Lyon, Aaron Read, Chad Murray, Ehren Salazar, Brian Tong, Ian Edmonds, Michael P Fikaris (Australia), Tevis Bateman, Alexander Cho, Ben Frey



Lucky’s Comics


Show Title” “Treats for Faceballs”


Artists: Dusty Peas: Jamie Q & James Kirkpatrick

Parking Lot Pimping - GYOW


3200 block of Gardner Court @ BCIT

ALLIES! (formally The Gaze)

LoveBomb DUO


DJ Retel (feat. Killa Cam, MC CHINO)

Plus a BBQ with delicious BBQ-ables for sale.

Sunday, June 6th

Grandview Bowling Lanes (Bowl Your Own Waste) 1-4pm


Twin Crystals


Role Mach


Apollo Ghosts


Cat Attack




[Music Waste passes get free shoe rentals!!!]

WASTE JAM at Strathcona Park


Presented by CiTR & rapvsweden


BBQ and 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


DJs Cam Dales, Ethnic Friends, Cherchez LaFemme, Tyler Fedchuck


Monday, June 7th

Honey - Ice Cream Social


With DJs Trevor Risk, Cam Dales, & Tyler Fedchuck.


NOTE: All festival passes used at GYOW shows are subject to capacity and all set times and lineups are subject to change.

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