Cracked Earth

Mountain View, California


Almost got busted for this one.


This was not too far off of a public biking trail. It took awhile to find a good spot at this dried-up slough, but luckily my buddy Steve came with me and we were able to cover extra ground. After trying out several compositions, what looked like a police officer and a ranger (maybe they were just security?) came hiking out to where we were. They asked for our IDs; like an idiot, I left mine in the car. They wanted to know what we were doing out there and if we knew where we were.


It seemed like their biggest concern was that we were not photographing the buildings nearby, which makes sense since a military base (Moffett Field), NASA Ames Research Center, and Lockhead Martin (not to mention Google) are nearby.


Although the police officer insisted on looking at the pictures that I took, he was a pretty nice guy. I was so nervous about being questioned, that I couldn't figure out how to show him the pictures I had taken. Turned out the button on my wired remote was still depressed (duh!), so the camera wouldn't allow me to do anything and it




The other guy, grumbled into his walkie-talkie (with a touch of exasperation), "they're just taking pictures..."


The one time Steve got the wife's permission to come out and this happens...too funny...

  • Roger_T 3y

    stunning pattern at the ground
  • choirbell PRO 3y

    Awesome shot!
  • Maneef Mohammed 3y

    Loved this click !!
    Would love to see your photos on too ! ( photography website )
  • Peter Chovanec 3y

    Looks amazing
  • Albi 95 3y

  • mm diaz PRO 3y

    amazing shot!
  • Narzouko PRO 3y

    superb sho!
  • Rachel Lynch 3y

    This shot is absolutely remarkable! I love the vibrancy, the deep and intense color of the whole shot. The texture is just beautiful.

    And your story is a crack up! Oops... so sorry Officers, we were just taking some photos of the ground!

    Lovely composition and fabulous work!
  • nolehace PRO 2y

    ...wonderful photograph...

    ...seen in a search i contacts > california > interesting...
  • Julie Thurston 2y

    Very cracked and cool
  • hein van houten PRO 2y

    nice view
  • Sven Petersen PRO 2y

    Great picture and what a story :-))) I think, it look very impressive and very wide.
  • jqmj (Queralt) 2y

    What a great pic!!
  • Pablo Reinsch PRO 2y

    fantastic work.
    nice compo and light.
  • Dustin Abbott PRO 2y

    What a great story...and what a great shot!
  • Susan PRO 2y

    Great story and shot! Perfect photo to show the state of the drought!
  • Tamara Jankowski PRO 2y

    Great way to take advantage of the drought! Wonderful shot with lots of depth.
  • Mary Warren PRO 2y

    Well seen and shot!
  • Dream Deliver 1y

    Stunning shot!
  • Michel Couprie PRO 1y

    Great texture!!!
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