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Smiling coffee | by Sanyuktaa
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Smiling coffee

I was a teetotaler till few months back and then I developed liking for coffee...especially smiling one :D, I visit to this coffee shop, almost twice in a week and now I know the staff there very well and they too know my taste and my liking ... It feels good. Here are some facts related to coffee which every connoisseur should know


1) Coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum. World wide coffee production tips the scales at about 6 million metric tonnes.


2) It takes five years for a coffee tree to reach maturity. The average yield from one tree is the equivalent of one roasted pound of coffee.


3) People who buy coffee primarily at drive through windows on their way to work will spend as much as 45 hours a year waiting in line.


4) Of the various botanical species of coffee trees in the world, only two are extensively cultivated commercially; Arabica and Robusta.


5) The average person who buys coffee outside the office to consume at work will spend the equivalent value of a round trip plane ticket to Florida every year.


6)The first coffee house in Europe opened in Venice in 1683, while coffee was available in Europe as early as 1608, mostly for the rich.


7) The expression “a cup of Joe” to denote coffee, was first coined during WWII, when American servicemen (G.I. Joe) were identified as big coffee drinkers.


8) The largest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, is responsible for 30 to 40 % of total world output.


9) In the late 1800’s, Chase and Sanborn put out a flier on how to read the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup (like a fortune teller).


10) Coffee cherries usually contain two “beans”, except for the single bean peaberry anomaly. Cherries with three beans are deemed to be a sign of good luck.


11) A Belgian living in Guatemala invented the first instant coffee in 1906 and later immigrated to the United States. His name, ironically enough, was George Washington.


12) The name Coffee comes from Arabic word "Quahwah" , not from the town of Kaffa, Ethiopia as many writers have supposed.


13) There are 24 steps in coffee process.


14) Our knowledge about coffee is about 1000 years old and the use of coffee as beverage is 700 years old.


15) Coffee was first mentioned in literature by Rhazes, an Arabic physician.


16) The most severe punishment for drinking coffee was being sewn into a leather bag and tossed alive into the sea.


17) Pope Clement VIII was the first to baptize coffee and make it a true Christian beverage.


18) "Coffee Smellers" were discharged wounded soldiers employed as spies to "smell out" unlicensed coffee roasting during the coffee monopoly in Germany.


19) Goats actually discovered the coffee plant. Their shepherd noticed that they were getting very hyper; therefore, one day, he followed their every move, and found out that they were eating a strange berry that was keeping them awake all day and night.


20) A cup of drip brewed coffee has about 115 milligrams of caffeine, an espresso (and percolated coffee) about 80mg, while instant coffee has about 65mg of caffeine.

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Taken on January 19, 2007