The aim is taking one residential road, create murals on selected areas on each home, inside and outside. Then using all the murals and combining them to make Splitpieces in several ways.

Using the residential area of Darling East is ideal for this project. Akkerboom road : no.227 - 255

The idea for this project is unique. Never before will a residential area be concentrated with so many mural arts that will form part of a living gallery. Usually, mural projects are done in more `built up` urban areas and emphasis is placed on doing big murals but with this project its about creating plenty good murals all clustered in one road.

Three artists ;FALKO and NARDSTAR has spent 2months in Darling painting the homes in the selected road.
With an estimate of 27 homes in a road, the aim will be to create 10 Splitpieces (40 murals)!!!

Pull through to bare witness to the craze that is splitpiece 2011… “my darling made me do it”
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