Hair Tree (2017), Intertwined (2018)
Hair Tree (2017) explores trust, genetics, and mapping in reflection to "Who is in my family?" "Who are they?" "Do they feel the same way about me as I do about them?" I wrote letters to my family in Taiwan, USA, and South Africa asking them to send me a snippet of their hair. I received 72 lockets. To an extent, my questions were answered, and more questions were raised. The texture and color of a strand of hair, says a lot, but all the microscopic and hidden elements wanted me to find out more about how the meaning making process is with forced connections and freedom to associate.

After the first installation of Hair Tree, I was interested in going beyond the DNA, beyond the immediacy of contact and see further where familial ties comes in on a deeper level. I asked everybody who had contributed a lock of their hair from Hair Tree to send me a memory. I asked each family member, "If you could keep one memory about us, what would it be?"

The memories have been trickling in from all corners of the world. Intertwined is a conversation piece between memories that have been lost and found and have been told from a different perspective. Feel free to comment on the memories as your input will add to the meaning making process. I believe that through dialogue a deeper understanding can be made. Thank you!

Intertwined are works made during the time I have been in the collective Mechanics of Conformity (MOC).
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