Ryijy: weaving wishes
Be heard! Behind the Finnish National Theatre, you'll find recycled fabric, on which you may write or draw your hopes, dreams, or fears. Have a seat, this moment is for you to reveal what you have not yet voiced. Over time, your thoughts will fill the installation space creating togetherness through participation. The material collected will later be used to make a Finnish traditional rug, a ryijy, composed of public secrets. Each secret is of equal value and lives on.

This weave of wishes is a joint project by Arlene Tucker and Daniel Malpica that depicts belonging and cultural diversity, a visual way to see our social fabric. Tucker is a visual artist, educator and toy & game designer. Inspired by translation studies and nature, Tucker finds ways to connect and make meaning in our shared environments. Malpica is a poet, producer and graphic designer. Malpica’s resumé includes the multilingual literary project Sivuvalo, [Radiador] Magazine, and several international experimental arts festivals.

Installations featured at World Village Festival are a part of the KEHYstä taide! project co-ordinated by Catalysti, a collective of transcultural artists based in Finland. Catalysti is a community of artists aimed at creating a network for foreign artists living in Finland.

Catalysti artistic projects presented at the festival are supported by the Kone Foundation.

Sat 28.5.2016 11.00–20.00 Kaisaniemi Park
Sun 29.5.2016 11.00–18.00 Kaisaniemi Park

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