TID: Exploring Hypertext
TID: Exploring Hypertext creates a space for people to record verbally what they see in their immediate location and share it with the international community. These recordings are immediately uploaded here, to the TID: Exploring Hypertext website, where they are open for everybody to listen, contextualize and realize according to their own perception. People can listen to these descriptions and draw what they imagine. Thus, creating more points for hypertext links. The aim is to bring attention to local environments and the way we perceive spaces in different mediums and forms. In the end, by creating such a self-organizing system, we would bring together our worlds through sound, image, and associations. Collectively creating a collage allows us to piece together all perspectives and develop an ever-evolving environment of its own.

Pixelache Festival
September 21-24, 2017
Workshops on 21.9 & 24.9

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