1980s: Ely Mods
Ely Mod Revival 1979 - 84

From 1979:

IN CASE you hadn't noticed, there's a Mod revival going on It's happening mainly in London and the South East, although there are small pockets of Mod activity around the rest of the country too.

The original Mods flourished in the middle 1960s. They were gangs of kids who dressed sharp in parkas and mohair suits etc and rode around on scooters. The new Mods copy the style of the originals, and many of them are former punks looking for something new, They were out in force during The Jam's two-night stint at the London Rainbow. Supporting The Jam were The Chords, a Mod band from South London who have just signed up to make their first record for Jimmy Pursey's production company (it was Jimmy, of course, who helped the Angelic Upstarts into the charts).

But the band who seem to be causing most of the fuss at the moment are The Special A.K.A., sometimes known as The Specials and formerly The Coventry Specials, When they played a recent pub gig in Fulham you could hardly get in the door for record company bigwigs, all of whom are in fierce competition to sign the band up to a record deal.

Among the audience was Mick Jagger, who is said to be trying to get The Specials to ink a contract with his Rolling Stones Records.

The Specials are a seven-strong band who specialise in Ska and Bluebeat two forms of Jamaican music popular with the original Mods in the mid-'60s. They have a current single, "Gangsters", out on their own 2 Tone label which is full nifty pinches from the Ska classic "At Capone" by Prince Buster.

It is reckoned by many that" Special A.K.A. will be the band make the Mod revival something more than a passing fad by cranking out hit singles by the lorry load.

All this and the two Who movies yet to come. By the time "Quadrophrenia" arrives at your local cinema, the Mods could have taken over.
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