Alexander fortress
Mitgardian leaders decided (after Sir Gunman's suggestion) to visit Euosmos City in order to watch the preparations of the army there which is to be sent to the frontline together with supplies needed for the castle of Rekkrfell

Meanwhile in Euosmos

The news regarding the Mitgardian's leadership visit to Euosmos came fast to the city. Together with them, many other known Mitgardian citizens were going to visit the city in order to help with the preparations being made there.

Alexander fortress, the Elite Mitgardian archery fortress had been already being decorated from their happy citizens in order to welcome their precious visitors. Every citizen was trying his best in order to thank their visitors.
From the time Mitgardian soldiers saw the Mitgardian leadership visiting them, their will to fight and protect the Mitgardian North borders at any cost became stronger.

Bagpipes were playing around, people were drinking, eating and celebrating the visit and for a moment everyone forgot the threat from the North.
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