Egnatia Fortress
This MOC is for Eurobricks / Guilds of Historica / Mitgardia freebuild challenge Age of Mitgardia (AoM)
Category Barracks / phase 3


Egnatia Fortress is located one hour on foot Southeast from Euosmos. This is the place where the elite ones from the Mitgardian army are getting trained and inspected.

Today is the last Friday of the month and the army is getting inspected from Sir Gunman the Lurikeen.

Lorivor King of Marrach Briollag and his wife have traveled all the way from Avalonia to Mitgardia to watch the training of the Mitgardian army and discuss with Gunman because of the close relationship the two men have and the cooperation of the Mitgardian and Avalonian army.
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