Serra do Cabral, EcoAgricola, Brazil
Serra do Cabral (“Goat Mountain”) is located at 1,100 metres above sea level in the Serra do Cabral plateau, a stunning region in the Chapada de Minas in the central north of the Minas Gerais State in Brazil. This lush and fertile region provides a unique micro climate and ideal conditions for growing fine coffee, with a high altitude of 1,100m above sea level, and a mild climate with sunny days and cool nights, a very well defined rain and dry seasons, and plentiful water and a flat terrain.

The estate is managed by Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer, who are brothers and have worked together since they were very young on their family business, “EcoAgricola” with their father Henrique, who is now retired. Marcelo, 46, oversees all of the production and quality control and Roberto, 48, manages the operations on the farm.
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