Grand Western Cicada (Tibicen dorsatus)

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    1. f r a g i l e . 33 months ago | reply

      Seen & Admired in " f l i c k "

    2. ECS Photography 33 months ago | reply

      Great find!! I'd love to find a cicada - I haven't seen one in a long time. Any tips on how to look for em?

    3. GenasGlory 33 months ago | reply

      I was so surprised to find it! I see their vacated shells throughout our yard, but I don't think I had seen one since I was a kid (at least up close). I found this one merely by walking through my yard. Maybe if there is a place where you see the shells, then frequent those areas. Also look for cicada emergence holes in the ground and the shells won't be far and perhaps the cicada too. Seems once they flee the shell they keep high in the trees... So the trick is to find a newly molted one:) Patience and persistence! Good luck!

    4. Bri Condon 33 months ago | reply

      Okay Gena, now your kind of freaking me out with your "patience and pesistence" words. A half hour ago I wrote the same thing when I replied to a couple of great photographer's praise for my newly posted "Funnel Web Weaver". You're so good; I love this shot. My first reaction when I saw it was "what the hell is that?!?" And it looks huge in your photo which just added to my shock and amazement. I am glad it was I.D.ed. I'm guessing that is of the western variety of cicadas and not the periodical (17 year) type like I have around here.

    5. GenasGlory 33 months ago | reply

      Haha great minds think alike!! Thanks for complimenting... because I can be so insecure about my ability... I do have a lot to learn. I'd like to know for sure whether it's: "western variety of cicadas [or] the periodical (17 year) type". The closest thing that I could find was "Golden Annual Cicada" ... but I'm not sure. Plus since it was newly molted, it may not be at it's actual coloring. So that's why I did not use any identifying words because I am not sure. If you know, please let me know. Thanks again. Patience & Persistence!!

    6. danbruell 33 months ago | reply

      Fantastic image ! The subject, composition, color, exposure; all superb

    7. Bri Condon 33 months ago | reply

      Thinking about it now, patience and persistence sounds like a pretty rough gig to keep up on an ongoing basis. How about we split it up; you be patient and I'll be persistent? "I can be so insecure about my ability... I do have a lot to learn"? Again words (and obsessive thoughts) that I know personally all too well. That's another thing that's paralyzing for me; I have so many "paralyzing" issues, it's a miracle I can even blink! Anyways, in my extremely unexpert opinion I think that you have Grand Western Cicadas based upon them having greenish wings, being in Texas (Periodicals are east of the Mississippi), and a recent survey of Cicadas showed that westerns have a higher quaility of life, having to live underground sucking on a root for about 3 years as opposed to 13 or 17 years. Your photos show what I would consider happy looking cicadas, while around here they just look tired, bored, and depressed.

    8. GenasGlory 33 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for the ID Bri ... I confirmed your findings with some other google images. I'm going to tag it with "Grand Western Cicada"! I'm very happy to know. Thanks again!!!
      And as far as the other stuff about ability... all the stuff there is to know about photography can be so overwhelming. Can't let that override the fun of it and besides it's part of the experience... having things to work on. In some ways, photography experience is like life itself... it's about evolving! It's pretty exciting really.
      ~My Best

    9. AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora 31 months ago | reply

      beautiful photo, great details
      the colors here are amazing

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