Day 280/365: I Shop Therefore I Am

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    My Saturday was all about a 4-hour shopping spree, where I purchased only items that were:
    And sometimes that's all you need to pick up your mood.

    For FGR's "caption this!"

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    1. elegant leg [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

      i had a saturday like that too. i bought a black tie, a fake cop badge, and a cap gun!

    2. Frameless Formations 119 months ago | reply the shoes

    3. Despina K. 119 months ago | reply

      Nice shoes!!!! love them!!!!

    4. first digestion [deleted] 119 months ago | reply


    5. Ashutosh... 119 months ago | reply

      lovely colors...
      and shoes as well; :P

    6. felippesouza 119 months ago | reply

      loved your photos!

    7. Rafee. 119 months ago | reply

      No doubt it is expensive! I like your shoe color, very lovely :D

    8. cakeybabes 119 months ago | reply

      love your shoes! great comp too :)

    9. Kezzaroo 119 months ago | reply

      oh my i adore your new shoes olga :D

    10. Moy Triana 119 months ago | reply

      ok so my girlfriend saw your shoes and she was like can u get me a pair of those haha

    11. =Tom= 119 months ago | reply

      sweet color and the heels are hawt!

    12. Olga Sotiriadou 119 months ago | reply

      Thanks for even more show adoration :))

      Oh no! Sorry about that! :)
      I must do more shoe shots, don't ya think? ;)

    13. aimacarmela 119 months ago | reply

      these kicks are sweet! i almost never can resist a wonderful and colorful shoe....and you say that these are inexpensive...*sigh! be still my heart!* sorry i'll just wipe the drool of my chin so i won't drool over your shoes... :0)

    14. J♥G 119 months ago | reply

      oh man i LOVE shoes =-) disney got it right... a pair of shoes really can turn your whole day around!

    15. Kavingate 119 months ago | reply

      Those are gorgeous!! I've tried wearing heels, but it HURTS!! They sure do look purty, though!

    16. Olga Sotiriadou 119 months ago | reply

      True, I can't wear high heels like I used to. For sure I will wear this somewhere I know I'll be sitting down, like a dinner party or something. Or a bar, if I ask my bf to prop me on a stool and let me sit the entire night.

    17. Fabiana Di Vito 116 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I love shopping
      and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. Olga Sotiriadou 116 months ago | reply

      Fabiana Di Vito: Thanks for the invite!

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