• sunflower stalks
  • A battery/LED votive.
  • Camp tables. I also brought our camping chairs out here later that day so we could sit and eat dinner!

finished sukkah

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This temporary structure was made to fulfill one of the "commandments" of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. (A sort of harvest festival - also commemorating the years that the Jews wandered in the desert.) You are to make a temporary outdoor structure where you eat, invite others to come eat with you, and rest. Some families sleep in theirs. There are certain specifications about it being made with natural things - branches, especially, on the roof, and 3 sides must be partly enclosed. There has to be a certain amount of shade vs. openness. What I found especially fun about building this year, besides getting the family involved, was that all these things we simply had around the yard and house. The four major posts were tree stakes taken out years ago,the crosspieces on top lumber left from another structure, the bamboo/reed mats are beach mats, the heavy jute rope was left from another project , and the branches all trimmings from the yard. The other large things (see note) are stalks from sunflowers grown either in my community garden, or the school garden where I work. The bright green line is an extension cord. I ran some outdoor lights along the top so we could get a little "mood lighting" at night. I was pretty proud of it!

  1. Miss Tower Flower 84 months ago | reply

    Cool! Was this hard to make?

  2. gardenchien 84 months ago | reply

    Miss Tower Flower - thanks for your visit. I finally wrote up a more complete description.... It took a few days, and gradually was added to, but I certainly had fun, and I think my family did too!

  3. Pandorea... 81 months ago | reply

    This is so appealing. Maybe it's because it has the look of structures people have made since the beginning of time. I really enjoyed reading your description about it. I think every garden could benefit from a structure like this set up for the season - for so many uses- but especially to bring people together in the garden.

  4. gardenchien 81 months ago | reply

    Thank you Pandorea - There's a lot of info about them on the web, and a flickr group of sukkot....It was a fun project, and yes, somehow very primal about making a natural structure in one's own suburban setting...

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