• Where does Furlow provide evidence of acial targeting?
  • Wouldn't better healthcare for minorities be the best fix for this?

Reproductive Racism

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NOT MY IMAGE: This is also from the Human Life Alliance anti-abortion tract. They ran this article directly above *The Overpopulation Myth* which states, "One must consider that 60% of the U.S. population growth since 1990 has come from immigrants and their children." Why is HLA bringing up "immigrants and their children" and then pretending to condemn eugenics?
Beyond that, why is Furlow casting aspersions on Planned Parenthood, who provide birth control to anyone who needs it? She almost blames PP for high abortion rates among minorities, but offers no real connection. Why, in 2010, are these people trying to damn an organization that is trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies?

  1. giddy badge [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

    Those people not only hate abortion, but many of them are also opposed to birth control. They believe it leads to wanton sexual behavior. The Catholic Church, of course, considers birth control a sin. At the root of all this is a desire to control women and their bodies, which are viewed primarily as breeding stock bearing God's children.

  2. Liz | populational 97 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Bobster! I think you are correct, and am enjoying reading Michelle Goldberg's "Means of Reproduction" which follows the many twists and turns of that sort of thinking.

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