2017 - Sheringham 1940s weekend - Pierre Bütikofer
2017 - 1940's weekend held in Sheringham, Norfolk.

North Norfolk photographer Pierre Butikofer attended the 1940s weekend in Sheringham North Norfolk.

The whole of Sheringham town, in North Norfolk, was alive to scenes of the 1940s. From men and women in uniform from the three armed services to civilians dressed in the outfits of the 1940s

In addition to the North Norfolk railway station www.nnrailway.co.uk at Sheringham, including the Poppy Line, which was heaving with crowds of people participating , the whole commercial center of Sheringham entered into the full spirit of the event.

Over 50,00 people attended 1940s weekend over the two days, with the majority of them dressed in 1940s outfits.

It was a photographer’s dream for all the photographic opportunities that arose over the two-day event.

Hopefully, as usual, I hope that I have captured some special moments!!

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