And Tiana Makes Ten

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    Tiana just arrived and now my Animator's Collection is complete. I needed to take a group picture and they are lined up in the order that they arrived. I love them all SO MUCH! This line is really amazing and I really hope they add other characters to it.

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    1. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I can't wait to display them all. I found some stands at Michaels that should fit them so when I finally set up some shelving units in my room they can be on display.

    2. the enchanted pumpkin 41 months ago | reply

      that will be cute! i've been removing them..then putting them back in the boxes. away from little fingers...

    3. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      I've been saving the boxes but I'm not sure what to do with them. I just like them too much to get rid of them.

    4. the enchanted pumpkin 41 months ago | reply

      the boxes are really cute! who else would you like to see join this collection?

    5. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      I would love to see Alice, Wendy, Tiger Lily, Esmeralda, Charlotte (from Princess and the Frog), Drizella and Anastasia (Cinderella), Eilonwy, Lilo, Megara, the girl from the Jungle Book (I forgot her name), and probably more but that is what is what I could think of now.

    6. the enchanted pumpkin 41 months ago | reply

      ooh i'd definitely want alice! and charlotte. how about boo? wendy and tiger lily would be sweet!

    7. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      I knew there would be some I'd leave out. Boo would be great plus Bonnie from Toy Story 3 would be adorable too. I'd love Giselle and Ariel's sisters as well.

    8. the enchanted pumpkin 41 months ago | reply

      oh yeah! me too on all of those!

    9. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      Hopefully they will put out other characters since the line has been so successful. Of course my wallet is hoping they don't...

    10. GloomyErina [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

      I really like seeing them all together. It's so great that they made them all have such different faces, eye shapes, expressions and mouths. These are great dollies. Congrats on having all of them.

    11. Fruit♥Fan 41 months ago | reply

      Great collection! I'm so jealous!

    12. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I really like seeing them all together too. I love how different they all are. It really is an amazing line.


    13. Blaine* 41 months ago | reply

      Yay for Tiana! She's my favorite this week, lol. Look at her little belly. So cute!

      That's a great picture. Did you take it at the front of your house? It looks very Autumn there, wherever it is.

      I'm almost halfway to buying a second complete set, then I'll get to see them all open like you awesome doll openers. Thanks for sharing and making me envious ^.^

    14. aurorakinta 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I did take this in front of my house and Autumn is definitely here in Virginia plus we are pretty lazy about raking leaves. I would love to have two sets too but have no idea where I'd keep a boxed set.

    15. dollie dixie 41 months ago | reply

      i love your group shot! they all look lovely. tiana was the last one i got, too. :P i'm glad i have all of them because they are all so unique and each one of them makes me happy, haha. do you have particular favorites of the group?

    16. WaffleFish 40 months ago | reply

      This pic totally reminds of a kindergarden picture day. They should make a series about all the princess toddlers going to school together. So precious!

    17. snoopygirl 38 months ago | reply

      hey ... have any of you seen "toddler" tiana next to the animator's one? they actually look identical other than eye direction in photos and I'm trying to decide if I need both!

    18. aurorakinta 38 months ago | reply

      I have them both and they are very, very similar which is why I saved Tiana as the last Animators Collection doll I would buy. The Animators Collection is a little nicer though. She comes with her little frog and plastic shoes instead of the fabric ones the toddler comes with. I just have to complete collections so Animators Collection Tiana was a must for me even though I had the toddler.

    19. snoopygirl 38 months ago | reply

      omg, any chance of a side by side comparison picture? I just got the Toddler Rapunzel AND Animator's ones and I wanted to return one but am in love with both! Animator's has a cuter body and nicer plastic but the toddler one with the glowing hair ... ugh!

    20. aurorakinta 38 months ago | reply

      Right now toddler Tiana is boxed up as I'm redoing my room but if I come across her as I start taking stuff out soon I can definitely take a side by side picture outside.

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