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IMG_5964 - Hex-Rnd Subunit Oval Helmet

ZEN MAGNETS - Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@864) - Hex-Rnd Subunit Oval Helmet


(@864) = (2 x (12 Hex-Rnds)


(Tutorial) Cool Hex-Rnd Subunit Variations made out of Zen Magnets



Hex-Rnd is Hexagon shaped on one side and round on the other ... it is formed using a similar technique used for my oval subunit (magnet origami)


One piece is formed using a standard 3L-Hex (36-balls)


1) Fold the edges inward to connect two points in a triangular fashion. Forms a circle shape ring.

2) Flip over and take the three 2-ball tips and fold them inward to meet the two balls toward the center. They will stick together.

3) Take the three 2-ball points and continue to push them down towards the center. They will click together and form a stacked hexagon in the center.


This subunit is pretty solid and has many contact points to work with. They can be connected in pairs either back to back or front to front. Then can also be linked along the sides to form flowers.


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Taken on May 15, 2012