Birch Gyroid.
Bending plate topological discretization of a sample of the triply periodic surface Gyroid, as the final instalation of the 4 day workshop at KOGE conducted by CODA researchers E.Soriano and P.Tornabell.
Exploration on bending active structures simply by topology, extending Buckminister Fuller's Plydome system. Digital simulations done with Kangaroo.
Thanks to students Auer Andreas, Georgieva Valentina, Pongratz Julian, Schlapak Christoph Claus, Stern Gabriel, Vieweg Marius, Von Malm Oliver.
Special acknowledgments to Daniel Piker, Alison Grace Martin and thebeadedmolecules blog editors, for sharing such inspiring texts, references and images.
Warm acknowledgments to Günther Filtz and Walter Klasz for a wonderful hosting and awe inspiring research at Koge.
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