we (all) made it!

We knew it was ambitious and far close to the limits of feasability, but we are glad to announce that Chen-Gackstatter minimal surface is built and completed.
And it has only been possible because of the absolute endeveour of all of the students and because of a rare collective mix of wonder and trust in geometry.

Congratulations for AP13 students and stay tuned: Pro pics yet to come, and a mesh party to happen on second week of july 2013

Impressive work guys, all meshes were awesome.
Thanks to you all, and specially to Andreu, Bernat, Yaary, Cely, Francesc, Tobias, Cristian, for the challenging session of assembling.

This parametrization of Chen-Gackstatter has an Euler Characteristic of -3: meaning it's in between double torus (euler caracteristic : -2) and triple torus (euler caracteristic : -4)
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