Special Events: Black Salve
This is my experience with Black Salve. There is an element of quackery, and when researching you should keep everything in context. I come from a very medical family.

I have full faith in Western medicine. I have Neurofibromatosis (NF1) resulting in hundreds of tumors. I've had more surgeries than I can remember. As a general rule, you only have the ones removed that hurt
or bother you - but those surgeries are still considered elective. Only when you have a tumor biopsied can you use insurance to pay for the surgery. Between the co-pay and biopsy, each tumor is at least $135 - assuming you go to an office, and not out-patient surgery.

On my face, I have always used a plastic surgeon - and I always will. Also with deeper, large tumors. But with superficial tumors on my elbow or leg, I figured a small scar won't matter so much. And a bottle of Black Salve is $65 and can therotically get 65 treatments. The potential savings in a bottle is several thousand dollars.

I also tolerate pain well, so I was willing to try it on a few small spots. It turns out, the spots were so small I had zero pain. At worst, the itching was annoying a few times. The band-aids did more damage than than the black slave when they tore my skin.

Google Black salve and use your best judgement. I'm happy with the results on my inner elbow and leg.

I would like to remind the world that the photos in this set are taken with a 60mm Canon Macro lens. Some use a Canon EF25II Extension tube. These allow for extreme detail. I use this same lens to photograph compound eyes on insects. So while the area may seem enormous, please keep it in perspective. I've used a dime in some photos for scale.
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