I bought an egg timer

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    I bought a timer today to help me with my writing. I use the Pomodoro Technique and always wanted a manual timer rather than using an app on my phone. Ideally I would have liked one in the shape of a tomato (as pomodoro is Italian for tomato) but I had to settle for an egg shape.

    My picture for Project366/2012
    - Only 9 days in and I'm already photographing household objects!
    - Looking at it the photo is probably too dark

    Taken on 9th January 2012

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    1. Erasmus T 39 months ago | reply

      Nice composition (hopefully also applies to the writing).
      Now I'm off to find out about the Pomodoro Technique, since that one seems to have passed me by thus far!

    2. TheKarenD 39 months ago | reply

      I'm with Erasmus, I've not heard of this Pomodoro Technique. Off to go a googling...

    3. barbourians 39 months ago | reply

      Pomodoro Technique is very simple: Pick a task; Set the timer for 25 minutes; Work on only that task till timer rings; Take a short break. Helps me keep focussed.

    4. Erasmus T 39 months ago | reply

      The Pomodoro Technique
      Click above to save anyone else Googling it.
      It does seem very simple and is just the kind of thing I (as a teacher) recommend students to do, but many don't take it on board. It may be useful to have it all set out like that though, and I'm sure people would find the extra structure they suggest helpful. I shall be sending people to the website to find out more.
      Good stuff, thanks for that.
      Your version, since it uses an egg, should perhaps be the 'uovo technique' ...

    5. thsntht 39 months ago | reply

      Awesome idea. I get so distracted at my desk. I'm going to try this.

      I like your photo, the simplicity of it, along with the shadow.

    6. clarinetgirl 39 months ago | reply

      If you have a task to do, why not make it more fun by using an interesting timer! Great shot.

    7. ehpien 39 months ago | reply

      Good luck... times up!

    8. www.bazpics.com 39 months ago | reply

      4 minutes left to go, you finished just in time :D

    9. Chris Bloom 39 months ago | reply

      No doubt about it, that's an egg timer ;-)

    10. cazphoto.co.uk 39 months ago | reply

      I find it's useful for bursts of concentration.

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