Day 7

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    After literally 45 minutes of trying to shot myself flying across the bed like that one guy did on flickr a few years ago where he was flying onto the couch Up in the Air, I was dejected and annoyed so the next time I set the timer I just did this. E voila.

    I am sick of the self timer, need the remote shooter thing. This 365days is a hard project.

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    found it:

    Wow! 1 week has gone by already.

    Last night I went to Soho and shopped some more and then went and got an hour long massage that Jennie gave me the intel on ($42/hour! Who cares if it's a little, mmm, shall we say interesting/borderline sketch?) When leaving I was so spacey that I walked into the toilet rather than out the door. Qui gong works!

    Today it was raining and when I woke up the fog was so thick I couldn't see out the window. It was like SF.

    Then in the downpour I walked over to the mawwwll and did some shopping (yes, I shop a lot. I like it, sue me. Plus it was rainy and crappy out.) And then I saw the new-ish Bourne movie. It was good but I get a little too riled up from those kinds of things. But it makes me use words like "intel" (see above).

    Hot and humid out.

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    1. nashthebean ages ago | reply

      love the light.

    2. illona ages ago | reply

      you need to find out how fastboy does it:

      lovely tones. probably a nicer shot this way ... not all blurry and crazy. :)

      hey, next time it's a rainy day and you just wanna sit inside and read a good book, let me know. ;)

    3. groovyholly ages ago | reply

      This is a great shot. I wish I could have been in my bed all day.

    4. O moon ages ago | reply

      Well it looks great anyway.

      There's a group for timer's called 10 Second Dash or something along those lines. You should join. :]

      Seen in 365 Days (?)

    5. gainful furniture [deleted] ages ago | reply

      that bed looks incredibly comfortable!

    6. ms trouble ages ago | reply

      we had thunder and lightning here last night (not in that order, really). i wish that happened more often. i miss the drama of midwest weather.

    7. dm74 ages ago | reply

      well, i was simply going to say this is a cool shot but then i read what your were trying to do and i let out a big laugh! you look defeated but it's a perfect shot!

    8. SuperFantastic ages ago | reply

      Always the copycat, I tried this, too, this morning. With the nifty 50. And Maya on the bed. She wasn't pleased. And the best I got was a little bit of a blurry shoulder in one of the shots. Time for those remotes which I read are really expensive...

    9. Xiobhan ages ago | reply

      Did the massage therapist ask you, "Did I MISS anything?" I heard that's code.

    10. lucymac 98 months ago | reply

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