Ninjago Cake

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    Made for my son's 6th Birthday.

    1. tennjenny 61 months ago | reply

      OH. WOW. I have to show this to my son. On second thought, he's going to demand one, and I can't do that!

    2. Cake Maniac 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks, it was a huge hit with the boys at my sons party too.

    3. NinoLoren 60 months ago | reply

      So awesome!! I'd like to copy this for my son's 6th birthday! Can you give me some advice/ directions? Did you make your own fondant?

    4. kbowman2011 60 months ago | reply

      Can I ask what size pan you used? I am making this for my son's birthday this weekend, but don't think my 8" square pan is big enough.

    5. Cake Maniac 60 months ago | reply

      This is a 9" square so you will probably be ok with an 8.

    6. Cake Maniac 60 months ago | reply

      NinoLoren The red and black are purchased fondant and the blue and white I made. I printed out pictures of the ninja's faces to get the eyes right for each character. I cut out the eye opening from a triangle shaped piece, then added strips of fondant to get the fabric look.

    7. NinoLoren 60 months ago | reply

      Thank you!! How many cake layers did you use?

    8. Cake Maniac 60 months ago | reply

      NinoLoren I used 3 layers for it I think.

    9. Aggie67 60 months ago | reply

      Can you tell me how many layers that cake is? It looks tall!

    10. Cake Maniac 60 months ago | reply

      It is 3 layers of cake I believe, but about 4" tall in total. I am making another today and I am going to use 4 x 1" layers to do it.

    11. Aggie67 59 months ago | reply

      Did you also make the fondant for the skin? I wonder if that is a hard color to find...

    12. Cake Maniac 59 months ago | reply

      Aggie67 Yes, i believe it is Wilton Golden Yellow.

    13. awtwcw1 59 months ago | reply

      I love this! I have recently started doing cakes & I had the one for this weekend requested ninjago & he loved this pic. Im just learning to work with fondant so could you give me some advice? did you use gumpaste glue to get everything to stick (eyes & etc).

    14. Cake Maniac 59 months ago | reply

      awtwcw1 I do use gumpaste glue to put on the eyes and eyebrows and to stick the extra strips on to make them look like fabric. I also use a little glue between the different colors to keep the seam nice and no icing peaking through.

    15. rseginowich 45 months ago | reply

      What did u use for a filler in between the layers eg Icining?

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