Rimmed Black
Since the tradenames are the same, this face may be the earliest documented example of a US typeface design exported to England. Nicolette Gray writes that Rimmed Black was introduced by Figgins in c1870.¹

Apparently it was acquired from the Farmer TF (New York): It was patented in 1867 by Andrew Little of Farmer, Little & Co. By 1869, he patented two derivatives as well. William E. Loy adds that the series was cut by James West

In the 1869 catalog, Farmer showed Rimmed Black and four derivatives, all displaying patent notices (two are “piggy-backs”): condensed, open, shaded and ray-shaded.

A Flinch version was reviewed in the February 1869 edition of Archiv für Buchdruckerkunst und verwandte Geschäftszwiege|Archiv für Buchgewerbe, and MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan showed it in the catalog dated July of the same year.

This letterpress typeface has been digitally archived for posterity.

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¹Gray, N. (1938): XIXth Century Ornamented Types and Title Pages, page 190. Faber and Faber Limited, London.
²Loy, W.E. (1898–1900): Designers and Engravers of Type. In The Inland Printer, March 1898.
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