Nicolette Gray documents this exquisitely beautiful and complexly ornamented tuscan face as “French 1838” and notes that Figgins showed it as Parisian in 1843.¹ Wood & Sharwood (sucessors to the Austin TF) showed it by the same tradename in 1838.

Rob Roy Kelly illustrates a specimen shown by Johnson & Smith (a fore-runner of MacKellar Smiths & Jordan [MSJ]) in 1841² as Ornamented (un-numbered) along with several specimens of numbered ornamented faces. Mac McGrew adds that it was also known as Dandy or Ornate No. 6

It is one of five "Romantique" faces that may have originated at the TF of the famous Joseph Gaspard Gillé [1748–1789], inherited by his sons and eventually acquired by DeBerny et Peignot.

Parisian has been digitally archived for posterity by THP Partner Alan Prescott.

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