Anglo-Saxon Open
This twining dual-case text, clearly related to Anglo Saxon, was cut (designer unknown) by US immigrant James West [b 1830, Edinburgh] for the Caslon TF¹ in c1854.² Since it was shown by Hænel (Berlin) in 1847, he may have done so earlier.

Bauer writes that Eduard Hænel imported trendy roman types from Great Britain and France, so another possibility is that West’s working specimen was French.³ It was widely shown in the US: Bruce in 1856; Boston, 1860; Farmer, 1866.

Anglo-Saxon Open features ornamental “trails” optionally attached under the caps. THP Star Partner Robert Donona is working on a comprehensive revival.

More updates of Nicolette Gray's research of 19th-century type trends in Great Britain:
¹Loy, W.E. (1898–1900): Designers and Engravers of Type. In The Inland Printer, March 1898.
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