Nicolette Gray writes of Minister (Caslon 1880), “More interesting is the group of faces, neither quite script nor gothic, but very round like the new blacks, and like all blacks dominated by the lower-case design.

“Early versions still have something of the clerical touch of the seventies, Caslon's Minister is nonconformist with its smooth blacks and horizontal stresses and so is Stephenson Blake's Old Style Ornamented, even though the absurd hair lines popping up in curls detract from the downward droop of the lower-case m and n and the upper-case R.”¹

This face was designed by Herman Ihlenburg in 1878. The patent was assigned to MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan; MSJ showed it as Minster.

This letterpress typeface has not been digitally archived for posterity. Good-quality working specimens of the previews seen here are available to revival developers.

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¹Gray, N. (1938): Chapter VII, 1875-1890. In XIXth Century Ornamented Types and Title Pages, pages 63-69. Faber and Faber Limited, London.
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