According to Mac McGrew,¹ Fargo originated at the Dickinson TF in c1850. Nicolette Gray² traces it to Stephenson Blake, 1858 and "German, 1854." The more ornate version is shown in Hænel 1847. Gray describes it as "Besley, c1860" and "German, 1864."²

In or before 1867,³ MacKellar Smiths & Jordan paired the two faces in the same grouping with Fargo in the smallest size. No specimen examined bears a tradename, and none claims rights to the design.

Fargo has been preserved for posterity by Star THP Partner Alan Prescott, who is working on her fancy sister.

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³The date ≤1867 is deduced from the stereotyped(?) specimen published by MSJ in July 1869, which is imprinted L. Johnson & Company while other pages are marked MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. According to Annenberg [164], "Lawrence Johnson died on April 26, 1860, but the firm continued to operate and distribute type catalogs with his name until 1867."
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