BTF-Caslon Fonts Cut by J.F. Cumming
The above page is excerpted from the Caslon catalog dated c1890 (Rochester Institute of Technology). The numbered specimens match faces cut by J.F. Cumming in 1881-1884 for the Boston TF (top to bottom): Morris, Façade, Mural and London (header and footer).¹

Nicolette Gray² writes that Caslon showed Mural in 1884 and Façade (Mural Compressed) in 1886. BTF London is a copy of Caslon's "smash-hit" Enchorial and variations introduced in 1884-1887.

Mural, Façade and Enchorial have been digitized for posterity; Moris has not. Faces nearly identical to Morris had been ubiquitous since the late 1860s. Gray credits Reed & Fox with introducing an early cutting tradenamed Runic in c1869 [189]. Unlike earlier and likewise ubiquitous faces also called Runic, both Morris and the R&F face are light-faced condensed derivatives.

¹William E. Loy: Designers and Engravers of Type. In Inland Printer, July 1898.
²Gray, N. (1938): XIXth Century Ornamented Types and Title Pages, page 206. Faber and Faber Limited, London.

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