ATF Vertical Writing vs Hansen Vertical Script
McGrew [325] writes: Vertical Script is a simple—almost childish—monotone upright script design, produced by Hansen in 1897. ... The Boston foundry of ATF introduced a similar Vertical Writing, shown in 1897 and patented by Joseph W. Phinney in 1898.

THP is convinced that John F. Cumming cut both of these "look-alike" fonts. In correspondence with William E. Loy,* he named only Vertical Script—Hansen's title. This is odd because Loy wrote that since August 1884, JFC was employed by the Dickinson/Phelps Dalton TF DTF, which became the Boston Branch of ATF in 1892.

Phinney's USPTO application was submitted in August 1897 and approved in February 1898.


*Loy, W.E. (1898-1900): Designers and Engravers of Type. In Inland Printer, July 1898.
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