Binner/Binner Gothic c1894
Why These Typefaces are Trade-Named "Binner"

The caps of ATF's Binner and Binner Gothic were designed by one or more lettering artists employed by the Binner Engraving Company (Milwaukee 1890, Chicago 1892) in c1894.

Binner discontinued use of these styles in c1897, apparently because the American Typefounders' Company purchased exclusive rights to them.

According to W.E. Loy, J.F. Cumming (Engraver, Boston Branch/ATF) cut unpatented Binner Gothic before June 1898. It was advertised about a year earlier than Binner in the December 1897 issue of The Inland Printer. It is unknown whether Cumming added the lower case.

A dual-case version of Binner was patented by J.W. Phinney (Manager, Boston Branch/ATF) in 1898-1899; no type-cutter is attributed in the literature. It appeared in a two-page ad spread in the Inland Printer, November 1898.

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