Flower Child (Cleveland Store)

11508 Clifton Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44102-1318
(216) 939-9933

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"This might be the biggest vintage store I've ever seen. It's probably got as much stuff for sale as 3 or 4 normal-sized vintage stores, and almost all of it is great stuff in great condition. I don't know where they find all of it, but they've thoroughly covered the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80's to the point that it's overwhelming. You can't go through the whole store in one visit because it's packed floor-to-ceiling on two floors. It's stunning, really. There are tons of clothes for both men and women, lots of furniture, housewares, records, accessories, jewelry, home decor...basically anything you'd want that's 30+ years old and not a car, a house, or wine.
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